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  • What are the shipping options?
    Pieces can be shipped, however, shipping costs are at the expense of the buyer. A shipping quote can be provided to the buyer during the initial request.
  • Why reuse climbing rope?
    Climbing rope is made of polyamide (nylon) and is often treated with water-resistant chemicals. This means it can take up to 200+ years for climbing rope to deteriorate in a landfill and can leach those chemicals into that same landfill as it decomposes. Just remember, anything you throw out has to go somewhere, so why not put it on your wall or floor!?
  • I have a commission request that I need soon....
    I can prioritize your commission request in a pinch. However, since I am meeting a deadline and have other projects, I do require notice of the requested deadline at the time of the initial commission request. Requests like this will be a higher cost due to these circumstances, but I do try and work with customers on price the best that I can.
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